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2007 Date: 5/12/2007

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Initial layout with new Ebags.com luggage (Mountainsmith).

eBags - Weekender Carry-on

Trying to fit everything in one carry-on.

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Bringing Mobal European cellular phone.

Everything rolled and rubber-banded to keep compressed and organized.

Packing - One Carry-On

MountainSmith Luggage

For this trip I though I'd review the MountainSmith roll-aboard (wheeled carry-on). I purchased the bad from Ebags.com and got the luggage within two days. After removing un-needed straps and interior extras, I was ready for packing. I didn't like the unsupported sides, but did like the wheels and pop-up handle. It has a front pocket perfect for your bag of liquids and your computer. I packed my Mac 12 inch Powerbook for this trip. The bad news is that if you load this luggage, and put anything in the front pockets, it tips over. The basic problem is a small base (bottom) area. I had to repack everything and put all heavy items in back. I've never had this with my TravelPro or other much less expensive wheeled luggage. The problem was so bad that I almost bought a new carry-on once on the trip.

Test Your New Luggage Before You Travel
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Madison to Detroit

Commuter Jet

Having to balance my new luggage because it was always tipping over was a hassle. Be sure to read luggage reviews before you buy - and don't hesitate to send bad luggage back. The bad news is that usually you're not aware of the problem until you leave. I arrived at the Madison Dane County Regional Airport (Truax Field) plenty early. Oddly enough, I couldn't even get service at the First Class counter, I had to scan in my passport at a Kiosk. I found it odd there were not any agents available mid-day.

Travel Light and Efficient
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After a short one hour flight to Detroit which arrived at 3:40pm I walked the entire length of the terminal near my gate to find that the WorldClubs closed at 4:00pm. So I had to trek back to the center terminal to gain access to the main Northwest WorldClubs. I've noticed over the years that the service and food at these clubs has gone way down. You're better off at one of the other clubs - almost to the point where you should just pay the daily fee at the other clubs for a better value and more comfort. Boarding the Air France AirBus 300 to Paris was fast and painless. There are no security checks likd there are going from Europe to the USA.

WorldClubs Are Now More Crowded Than Ever
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Mobal Phone

European Cellular Phone

For this trip I thought I'd try the Mobal phone. You pay $49.00 and pay a per-minute charge when you use it. The phone has a UK number and can be used anywhere in a GSM network. Europe is all GSM network. As soon as I arrived in Barcelona, I turned it on and it worked flawlessly. It came in handy when trying to get a cab from the hilltop castle. I now will never travel without one. I could have really used the phone last year on a trip to Switzerland, when I was charged $15 a minute at a payphone. The phone lasted a week without recharging. GSM phones are much better than our cell phones.

Prepaid GSM Phones Are Great For Travel
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Mobal Phone - Good for 140 Countries

Northwest Lounge (Northwest WorldClubs) in Detroit. Satellite lounges close at 4:00pm, this one was in center terminal. Service and available food here gets worse and worse.

Aboard Business Class in Air France. Great service - average to good quality food.

Video monitor on seatback.

Arriving at Paris airport. Crowded, under construction, and poor signage. I'd avoid this airport if possible.

Pre-trip documents

(pdf link) 2007 RSSC Regent Voyager - Shore Tours - Listing

Pre-trip documents

(pdf link) RSSC Regent Voyager - Land Tours - Listing

Boarding Info

(pdf link) RSSC Regent Voyager - Port Info

Luggage Tags

Your Mobal GSM phone arrives next day air.

(pdf link) Mobal Phone - European Phone

Mobal box.

(pdf link) Mobal Phone - European Phone - Tips


(pdf link) 2007 Sirenuse Hotel - Positano - Hotel Brochure

The Mobal GSM phone - pay as you go.

Mobal Phone - Good for 140 Countries

Embarkation ship Info.

Dress code. This cruise was country club casual. No need for a tuxedo, but there was a semi-formal night.

Voyager deck plans.

Deck plans.

You can now buy TSA sized liquid and lotion bottles. Double Ziplock bag to prevent leaks.

(pdf link) 2007 CSA Travel Insurance - Example

RSSC Park and Fly program.

(pdf link) 2007 Air Insurance - Terms - Example

Voyager ship guide.

(pdf link) Air Insurance - Example

Cruise gift program.

Currency order via Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo - Currency Exchange Services

Currency ordered online (credit card) and delivered via signature FedEx.

Contents of Euro order. Note at the time of order it was $1.31 per Euro as of this writing it's around $1.51 USD per Euro.

Example of Euros.

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