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2007 Date: 5/14/2007

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Pre Cruise - Barcelona

Touring Barcelona

After getting a Room Service breakfast for 30 Euro (yes it's expensive here) I checked out and stored my luggage with the porter. Since I had the morning free, I thought I'd go to the highest venue before boarding the ship. Barcelona is a huge city, and of course you could spend days or weeks seeing all the sights. Since there was a huge wind, the cable cars were closed down, so I got a taxi to the highest point, the Castillo (9 Euro and about 10 minute ride).

One of the many statues in Barcelona - this one of Columbus.

Transport to Montjuic is varied. There is a metro stop at Placa Espanya which is perfect for visiting the Palau Nacional and the surrounds. There is also the Funicular de Montjuic which takes you from Parallel metro stop to near the Castle. Or there is also the cable car that also leaves and arrives from near the castle and mirador and travels all the way to Barceloneta.

The castle entrance.

Miramar is the name of the esplanade situated like an observation platform overlooking the harbour. In the gardens of the esplanade we can see some very old ombu trees with fantastically-shaped trunks. There are also two sculptures, Fertility, by Josep Clara, and Pomona, by Pau Gargallo. The cablecar that used to cross the harbour had one of its end stations here.

A view from Miramar onto the commercial port below. The ship Voyager is in the background.

The container port of Barcelona. The cruise ship port can hold over 10 ships at one time. Second busiest port for cruise ships next to Miami and Singapore.

Sentry post.

Montjuic castle sentry post - another view.


Ship Harbor

After about an hour touring the castle and grounds, I used my Mobal phone to call a taxi. Note only tourist buses go up to the castle, so it's really difficult to hail a taxi, unless they're dropping somebody off. I had the taxi drop me off down at the smaller port near the convention center. After a short walk, I returned to the hotel to collect my luggage and get a cab to the commercial port, where the Voyager was located.

After a short taxi ride to the port, I embarked on Voyager. I boarded at 2:15pm. There's not sense in boarding early - since they won't have your cabin ready and you have to wait in a common area.

The embarkation proceedure was fast and efficient. Basically they swipe your credit card to set up an account, take your digital photo, and you get a room card.

The room was clean and quite roomy.

Looking out from the bed onto the balcony.

Couch and chairs. I found that the chairs were a waste of space. As a single traveler, I didn't need them and they were always in the way.

Upon arrival I had a bottle of champagne and a welcome note.

The balcony overlooking the port.

View of the suite from the balcony.

Desk had plenty of room, but was cluttered by the huge amount of paper from the cruise - everything from daily newsletter to an unending supply of ads for future cruises, etc.

Obsolete CRT style TV with DVD player.

The minibar was nice for keeping the water chilled. But in all reality, because drinks were free, you don't really need the mini at all.

A closer look at the minibar. This is an all-inclusive cruise.

Inside the walk-in closet. The room safe is here. Use it for your valuables.

Plenty of storage space for two people.

View of the compact bathroom - larger than most ships.

The bathroom is beautifully tiled with bath and shower.

After the mandatory 5:15 lifeboat drill the Voyager left the port of Barcelona. A cocktail party (Sailaway) on the pool deck ensued.

Dinner at Lattitudes for Asian fare.

Food was excellent and artistically presented.

Overall, this is the best restaurant on the Voyager - in terms of food quality, presentation and service.

Every day you get an informative newsletter, chock full of ads for upselling shipboard events and cruises.

(pdf link) 2007 RSSC Regent Voyager Daily Newsletter - In Cabin

Some of the shots are great - but seriously, save you money and just buy a digital camera. Plus, when you try to transport your https://cruisingreview.com/cruise-reviews/photos in your luggage back home, it's difficult to keep them from getting damaged.

Radisson is good about trying to get singles together. Typically they'll have 2-3 warm-ups during the cruise. The bad news is that most younger singles (less than 60) don't bother to attend.

I never saw or met my room stewardesses - which is odd. They did a fantastic job though.

While the mini-bar is free - you'll find there's no need for it on a all-inclusive ship. You can get anything via room service.

Click on the thumbnail to download the ships newsletter in .pdf format.

Store the taxi number in your Mobal phone.

Keycard for the room. Your actual room card does not have the information above printed on it - this is just the separate sheet of paper in the wallet they give you at embarkation.

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