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2007 Date: 5/15/2007

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Early Morning Ship Stats at 1:35 AM
Sea Conditions at 1:35 AM
WiFi Connect
Heading 14.9 deg
Speed 19 knots
Temperature 57 deg F OAT
Position 42 deg N Lat 3 deg E Long
78 percent OAT humidity
Gulf of Lion
Wind 92 km/hr
Wind Direction 296 deg
Very windy
Rough Seas
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Speed Test Via Chicago, USA
Download: 87 kbps 10.9 kb/sec
Upload: 82 kbps 10.3 kb/sec
Charges: $50 for 250 min or $.20/min
$25 100 min or $.25/min or $.35/min anytime

Enroute to St. Tropez

Rough Seas

The evening provide some rough seas with the winds gusting to 120 km/hr. The waves were so big that spray reached my balcony. The ship has excellent stabilizers and aside from the creaking of the interior, it was a relatively smooth ride.

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Ensuite Breakfast

One of the simple pleasures aboard ship is having room service for breakfast. You can plan out your days activities while eating in your room. This works for 1-2 people at best. If you have a group, you're better off with more room in any of the dining options on deck or the main dining room. The upside to cruise ships is that service normal, small portions. Of course, the downside is that they have a huge variety. Don't go crazy, or you'll gain lots of weight.

(click to enlarge)

Looking aft. Those are 20 foot seas. It's hard to tell against the backdrop of a huge sea and a big ship.

Looking forward through the upper piano lounge.

The deck was well protected, but even up here the winds were swirling around and a bit of sea spray could be felt.

A look back down the ship. Nobody is outside because the winds are more than 40 mph.

Chocolate sculpture.

Close up to see the details of the chocolate sculpture.

Communications mast with flags flapping in huge winds. Early in the morning winds varied from 80-115+ kmph.

One lone superyacht was going by St. Tropez. We couldn't stop because the seas were too rough to launch the tenders.

Looking ashore towards St. Tropez. We arrived in St. Tropez at 11:30am to drop anchor.

Cruising by St. Tropez. The outside air temperature was 61 deg. F and windy.


Close up of superyacht. The captain decided to depart St. Tropez and head for Monaco.

Reservations can be made in advance online, or through the maitre-d.

Reservations confirmation reminder.

Pepe preparing for a nice evening at Signatures. Great food, but expect a long evening dining.

One of the many desserts available after an excellent meal.

.pdf download - Newsletter.

Casino info.

Tour ticket sample. This tour was canceled due to bad weather - no tenders ashore.

.pdf download - ensuite movies.

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