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2007 Date: 5/18/2007

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At Dock - Ajaccio

We docked at Ajaccio mid morning. This is the capitol of Corsica, which is a French island. The town is most famous for the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769). It has a very modern cruise ship pier and a very beautiful old town harbor. One of the best aspects of this cruise was that everywhere we went, it was one currency, the Euro.

Citadel Jetty

Yacht at Warf

In the morning, I walked around town taking in the sights. The Citadel jetty is just beautiful, full of fishing boats, nets and everything Mediterranean.

(click to enlarge)

Corsica on the way into the dock on RSSC Voyager.

The ship docks, so you can walk on or off at your convenience.

Regent Voyager at dock.

Ajaccio has a very modern cruise ship pier and facilities.

One of the many statues that adorns the town.

Beautiful harbor with fishing boats.

The house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769.

In the afternoon I took the Napoleon walking tour, which basically was a tour of the house he was born in. I left the tour early to get outside.

Sunset from La Veranda.

Evening dinner at La Veranda.

Fruit Flambe desserts.

Selection of an amazing array of appetizers, via buffet.

As the last rays of the Sun touch the Med, we begin our dinner at the top of the ship.

The appetizer displays are really quite fun. La Veranda is also open for breakfast and lunch.

La Veranda is the ships Italian Steakhouse. Food was just average compared to the other restaurants - but presentation and service was excellent.

Steak and lobstertail. Overall a good meal, but not the best on the ship. I love the location - nice to see the coast going by as you eat.

Example of a ship charge.

Bidder card front, for the art auction.

Bidder card back, for the art auction.

Newsletter for Regent RSSC Voyager.

(pdf link) 2007 RSSC Regent Voyager Daily Newsletter - In Cabin

Conclusion of the Day - Aboard Regent RSSC Voyager

It was a bright beautiful day full of sunshine and seasonal temperatures in Corsica. I would avoid the Napoleon Walking Tour, and opt to just explore on your own, or try another tour. Some of the tours are great, others not so much. Of course, you can always just stay aboard ship all day an relax. I always feel compelled to go ashore and see what's there, opting for more outdoors venues than indoor ones. Always get out and walk, since you're going to gain weight on the cruise no matter what. My favorite part of the day was walking by the wharf and looking at the fishing vessels, and listening to the street musicians play accordion. I liked that part so much, that I actually bought an Italian accordion when I returned.

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