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2007 Date: 5/20/2007

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Sorrento to Positano - Day Trip

Sunday we were still at anchor just off Sorrento. Today, I decided (actually booked before the cruise online) to take the private yacht tour of Positano with gourmet lunch.

We started off by taking a tender from the ship to the port at Sorrento.

Then we boarded a 12 meter Sunseeker type private motor launch.

The trip there was a good 30 minutes, speeding by the Amalfi coast.

We pulled right up to the beach at Positano.

(pdf link) 2007 RSSC Regent Voyager Daily Newsletter - In Cabin

Boardwalk from the beach to Positano.

Fishing boats.

Boats on the beach at Positano.

Narrow walkways have fantastic shops full of shoes, clothing and tourist trinkets.

Entrance to the hotel Murat.

View from the hotel with Positano below.

At the hotel Sirenuse which overlooks Positano.

Dining at the Sirenuse.

The fantastic views from the Sirenuse. If you want to pick the most spectacular hotel in Italy, I would stay in Positano. Perfect for honeymooners.

Leaving Positano.

The front of the Sirenuse Hotel.

The locals helping our boat off the pier.

Wine Cellar at Le Soste.

Ristorante Quattro Passi

Atrium Dining

The lunch at the Ristorante Quattro Passi was wonderful. I have never been served a gourmet meal by the chef himself. We started with a tour of the wine cellar and continued up from the cellar to a beautiful open-aire atrium where we were served a multi-course dinner. From the website, "Located between Capri and Positano, immersed in the magnificent countryside of Marina del Cantone and easily reached by sea, is the hotel/restaurant Quattro Passi. The restaurant boasts an excellent wine cellar, dug out of the tufa rock and well stocked with the finest Italian and International labels. Rita and Tonino, with their special blend of warmth and hospitality, are ready to welcome you and make you feel immediately at home.

(click to enlarge)
Quattro Passi

Lunch began with appetizers in the wine cellar.

Bottles from over the past 100 years were in storage.

The lunch table set in the Atrium. Ristorante Quattro Passi.

One of the 12 courses served by the chef himself. Homemade ravioli stuffed with smoked cheese.

Linguine with zucchini from the garden.

Baked filet of fish.

Assorted chocolate parfait. After a wonderful lunch, we headed back to Sorrento.

Hotel Sirenuse info.

Hotel Sirenuse info.

Hotel Sirenuse info.

Hotel Sirenuse info.

(pdf link) 2007 Sirenuse Hotel - Positano - Hotel Brochure

Hotel Sirenuse info.

Hotel Sirenuse info.

Hotel Sirenuse prices.

Lunch menu from the afternoon adventure.

Murat Hotel info.

Murat Hotel info.

Murat Hotel rates.

Murat Hotel rates.

(pdf link) 2007 Palazzo Murat - Positano - Hotel Brochure

Last Night Aboard Ship

I would have to say that this last day was one of the best of the cruise. While the day tour with gourmet lunch was pricey, it was well worth it. An unbelievable day with a private yacht taking our small group to Positano and then a fantastic lunch and tour of the wine cellar. Positano is one of the most beautiful seaside villages of Italy, and well worth a stay for a honeymoon or special occasion. It's expensive there, to be sure. The Hotel Sirenuse is beyond the charts. The place is amazing. It overlooks Positano and has a very quaint, yet luxurious charm. Very Mediterranean. The last night aboard ship is very melancholy. By this part of the cruise, you're just starting to relax, meet people, and really enjoy yourself. And of course, it's over. If you have luggage, you need to pack and set out your luggage before you retire for the evening. If you're like me, you want to get the most out of the cruise, and pack your one carry-on at the last minute (which I did at about midnight). One good thing about packing light is that it doesn't take long. Be sure to have personal business cards that you can pass out to the other fellow passengers you wish to keep in touch with. On mine I have my name and email, that's it. Of course, if you want a classy touch, have them done in acrylic.

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