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2007 Date: 9/2/2007

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Pre Trip

Packing One Carry-on

Instead of the Swiss Alps this year, I opted for a short trip to the Rockies at Beaver Creek. I planned the trip fairly last minute, and found the best prices at Expedia. What I found was that better trip planning could have saved at least $1,000 on air, since most Colorado resorts are best accessed by rental car. The strategy here was to fly to Denver, then the nearest airport and shuttle to the resort. The better strategy would have been to use frequent flyer miles to fly to Denver, then take a rental car to the resort area. In the end, we got bumped from the flight back to Denver, so we had to get a rental anyhow. For this short three day trip, I packed my smallest roll-aboard carryon.

Research your travel itinerary for the best connections, at the best cost.
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Eagle County Airport

For about $90 you can have a one way shuttle arranged by the hotel. You can save $10 by booking yourself online.

Shuttle brochure.

Sample boarding pass.

Small commuter jet to Chicago.

Turboprop from Denver to Eagle County Airport.

2x2 seating.

Eagle County Airport - EGE

Arriving at the high altitude Eagle County Airport. Elevation is 6,540 ft or about 1,994 meters.

Eagle County Airport

The short flight over from Denver took about 30 minutes and was very bumpy. The altitude at the airport is over 6,000 ft so be prepared if you're coming in from sea level. The airport shuttle took us to the Beaver Creek area which took about 30 minutes and climbed about 2,000 feet. Beaver Creek is at about 8,000 ft. in altitude. Our driver briefed us in acclimatizing to the altitude. Her advice was to drink lots of water, and stay away from alcohol. All great advice. I had one beer and wine at dinner and really noticed the effects.

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Eagle County Airport - Webcam

I booked Beaver Creek Lodge on Expedia. Check-in was fast and efficient. Rooms were spacious, clean and well appointed.

There was a separate living room area with a separate sink, refrigerator and gas fireplace.

The kitchen area even included a microwave. Just down from the resort area are lots of stores for food and even a Home Depot.

The bathroom was very spacious and included courtesy bottles of shampoo, liquid soap and other goodies.

Beaver Creek - Resort Area

Entrance to Village Square

Beaver Creek is about 15 minutes from Vail, and is in a valley on the side of a mountain ridge. The valley below is where the main traffic flows and parking lots keep traffic at bay. Shuttle buses provide resort guests with transportation within the resort (all within walking distance) and the parking lots below. A new large hotel is being built on the valley floor with a cable car to access the resort. The resort is at about 8,000 feet, and the top of the mountain is at 10,000 ft. Beaver Lake trails to Beaver Creek, which flows through the village. The village and resort was built just 27 years ago - so everything is new and upkeep is good.

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Beaver Creek

I arrived on Sunday, which was Octoberfest weekend at the resort vilalge. At the center was a soundstage, brat and beer stands.

Beaver Creek (yes, there actually is a creek there) runs through the town.

Amongst the many alpine sports shops, there are many art stores. This one had a glass work from Dale Chihuly which was about 10 feet in size - and about $250,000. Installation extra.

Throughout the village are a number of brass cast sculptures.

This the is main lift to the top from Beaver Creek. It takes you to about 10,000 feet from the resort altitude of 8,000 ft.

Beaver Creek Chophouse menu.

Beaver Creek Chophouse. Had a really good steak dinner there. Note the burger and Dom Perignon for $275.

Postcard from the resort.

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