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2007 Date: 9/3/2007

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Mountain Day

Lift Pass

The purpose of this very short trip was to get in some hiking, and use the Diggler Downhill Scooters. Lift passes can be purchased at the base of the escalator in the village. After a large room-service breakfast, we headed to the main lift where Beaver Creek Sports was located.

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Beaver Creek Lift Pass Info Online

Centennial Express Lift.

Main chair lift.

View from Spruce Saddle Lodge - 10,200 (not quite to the top summit which is 11,440 ft. elevation).

The Diggler Downhill Scooter. Since it was the end of the season, we got the last two available scooters. Unfortunately they were in pretty bad shape.

Beaver Creek Sports - Rental Info Online

Mountain view.

Pine and Aspen populate this elevation.

Aspen are the largest organism - a grove of trees are all actually the same organism.

Trails are well marked and very scenic.

Very steep ski slopes.

View into the valley.


The hike over from the top of Centennial Lift is about 1.5 hours.

Beaver Lake. The hike takes about 5 hours round trip from Beaver Creek Village - just follow the Beaver Creek. Very strenuous up.

Just after we got to Beaver Lake, the clouds increased and it started to rain. The trail from Beaver Lake to Beaver Creek Village follows the creek and passes a few trout ponds as well as Beano's Restaurant.

Hike from Beaver Lake to Beaver Creek Village

Beaver Creek

The elevation drop form Beaver Lake to Beaver Creek Village is about 1,500 ft. It's easier to take the Centennial lift up to Spruce Lodge, then hike across over to Beaver Lake, then follow the stream back down to the village. Be sure to bring water and a rain jacket. The skies opened up with some thunder on the way down.

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Dinner at Grouse Mountain Grill

Dinner at Grouse Mountain

A short shuttle ride across the village we decided on dinner at Grouse Mountain Grill which is located at the Pines Lodge. Because it was the end of the summer season, many of the more desirable restaurants were starting off-season hours and were closed the Monday (Labor Day) that we were there. We got to the restaurant early (with reservations) and listened to the great Jazz piano player Tony Gulizia. Our table was delayed (even with reservations) so we had a few martini's and enjoyed the pianist. Once we were seated, our host was gracious enough to offer us some champagne. Two separate entrees were not available (we found out only after we ordered a 2nd, then 3rd time), which was disappointing. The surroundings were nice, except for a table of loud drunks a few tables over, and the food was good. The total bill for drinks/tip was about $40.00 and dinner/tip (with a discount because of the lack of available entrees) was about $100.00 (not including a $20 tip for the fantastic piano player).

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Beaver Creek Dining Options - Online Listing

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