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2008 Date: 1/12/2008

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Saturday in Bora Bora

Today was one of the few very sunny mornings. While it did rain later in the day, it was the day we had the most sunshine.

A rare sunny view (for this trip) of the peaks in Bora Bora.

Breakfast set on the deck of our hut. Can you imagine a more scenic backdrop.

Three pancakes (which didn't really taste all that great). $20+

Two eggs and fried potatoes. $20+ Be prepared for cold food. By the time it makes it all the way out to the hut, it's almost never warm.

Another view of the over the water huts.

Biking around the resort.

Bikes are a great way to tour the 80+ acres of the resort. Available at the beach cabana.

Here's a handy little guide to pearl types.

End of Day

Saturday was a very relaxed day. For most of the afternoon, we spent poolside and just soaking in the paradise all around us. An afternoon drinking (social drinking) by the pool with a fruit plate was about $400.

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@cruisingreview.com