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Bora Bora Cruises Tia Moana - Superyacht

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2008 Date: 1/19/2008

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Last Full Day on Yacht

Saturday began with a few rain drops the the Sun peaked out just in time for our morning suprise - beach breakfast ! All the passengers took the tender out from the anchorage to the beach, where we had tables set for us for breakfast on motu Nao Nao. I had a fresh omelette (prepared on the beach) and fruit. The beach breakfast is always a good event to remind you that you're being pampered beyond belief and in paradise. The day continued with a morning of sea kayaking. Tia Moan then pulled up anchor and did a short cruise to Opoa Bay where lunch was served onboard. After lunch, we all went on the kayak trip on Faaroa River to visit the beautiful tropical garden. After some more rain showers, Tia Moana pulled up anchor and headed to Uturoa once again to be dockside where we were entertained by a local Tahitian dance group - the Raiatea Nui Dancers.

Breakfast on Motu Nao Nao

Morning Cocktails

Stepping off the tender onto the beach, we were greeted with fresh tropical cocktails.

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Beach Breakfast

Breakfast Served

Tables were set and all menu items were available for the beach breakfast.

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Faaroa River and Garden Tour


After lunch, the tender took all the kayaks to the mouth of the river, where we later joined the kayaks for a short 30 minute paddle up the river to the gardens.

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Botanical Garden

Bird of Paradise

The botanical garden was amazing, with every type of tree, flower and plant available in Polynesia. My favorite were the colorful flowers, especially the Bird of Paradise. It was very muddy - but luckily we all had our reef shoes on since we kayaked there. Our ship guides, Materai and Walter did a excellent job of keeping us all together and explaining the various plants and fruits.

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Final Dinner Aboard the Yacht


For the final dinner, we had a multiple course meal aboard the yacht.

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Tender being lifted into water from the garage on the back of the boat.

Arriving on the beach.

Setting the table - so it was just perfect.

Nothing like having breakfast with water lapping up against your feet on a beach.

Enjoying the breakfast.

The beach at Nao Nao.

Picture of Walter (he does modeling in Tahiti) with Sarah.

Walter and Pepe (I'm the one on the right). Poor Walter had to do this photo op with all the passengers.

Torch Ginger.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Enroute to the anchorage for lunch.

Top deck jacuzzi.

Cheeseburger for lunch (my request).

Another view of decidedly un-French food - the cheeseburger.

Kayaking up the Faaroa River.

Kayaks were first transported to the mouth of the river.

We kayaked up the river for about 30 minutes then beached the kayaks for a nature walk.

Red Ginger.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Tahitian Chestnut.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Helaconias - Bird of Paradise.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Pothos - looked like Elephant Ear.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide


2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Red Ginger.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Ixora - Jungle Flame.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Tiare Tahiti - Tahitian Gardenia.

2008 Bora Bora Tia Moana Nature Guide

Polynesian dancers. There was a huge downpour while the show was on - luckily it was under cover (sort of).

Mixing it up with the dancers.

Special occasion table.

The passengers, captain and one of the crew.

Since it had been raining outdoors - we ate inside (for the first time during the entire voyage).


Mid course.

Daily newsletter.

End of Last Day Aboard the Tia Moana

A very full last day - yet there was still plenty of time to relax after breakfast. I spent a few hours just paddling around the reef looking at the fish and just taking in my last few breaths of paradise. The river kayak tour and visit to the botanical garden was the highlight of the trip (as far as tours go). All of the jeep safari's we had signed up for had been canceled due to rain (the the muddy slopes make for difficult four wheeling). The evening Tahitian dancers were a fitting end to the trip. The worst part of the trip (other than leaving) is packing. Luckily, with only one carry-on, you can pack in a very short time. In tropical locations, you just don't need to pack much. With laundry services aboard ship (they're complimentary), you can have clothes washed whenever you wish.

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