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Bora Bora Cruises Tia Moana - Superyacht

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2008 Date: 1/21/2008

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Travel Day

The flight from Papeete to Los Angeles was about 8.5 hours as an overnight flight. Eat light and have a glass of wine to fall asleep. I always use earplugs to drown out the jet engine noise, which gives you a powerful headache by the end of the flight. At LAX, I declared my mounted pearls, for which I was charged a small duty. Unmounted pearls do not have duty.

Flights Home


The flights from Los Angeles to Detroit, then back to Madison, Wisconsin were on-time and uneventful.

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2008 Bora Bora St. Regis and Tia Moana Superyacht Movie

Sunset at about 25,000 ft enroute from Detroit to Madison.

Sunset at about 25,000 ft enroute from Detroit to Madison.

Arriving back in Madison. To a snowstorm and about 8 inches of snow that night.

From 95 deg F to about 10 deg F. All in one day.

2008 Tia Moana Superyacht Picture Book (27 mb pdf)

End of Day - Arriving in Madison, Wisconsin

We had started the day before in Bora Bora, with 90-95 deg. F in temperature, to arrive home in Madison, Wisconsin in the middle of a 8 inch snowstorm, and about 10 deg. F. A trip to the South Pacific in the middle of winter is the best time to travel.

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