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2008 Date: 3/27/2008

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Day at Sea

Thursday we were enroute from Grand Cayman to Miami, passing Cuba to our right side. There was another time change to Eastern Time Zone overnight. It was a sunny day, perfect for cruising.





The day at sea is when there is a scramble for the available deck chairs, except for the VIP area, which was practically empty.

The Villas and Suites have a private pool area.

The pool area was great, but was most filled with families.

Plunge pool in the VIP area.

Mangia Italian Restaurant menu.

Mangia Italian Restaurant menu.

The layout and views from this top-of-ship restaurant were great.

Sunset enroute to Miami.

End of Day at Sea

Thursday was a very relaxing day. The 5 day cruise was almost too short. The later part of the evening was spent packing and preparing for disembarkation.

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