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2008 Date: 8/31/2008

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Sunday and Travel Day

Sunday we awoke to a pouring rain. We decided to hike to the falls when the rain lightened to a drizzle in the late morning. It was this day that I realized that normal raingear is not enough for comfortable hiking - you need some breathable raingear - like Gortex, Aquacheck (Land's End) or Event (REI).

Telluride Visitor's Guide

Local Guide

When you arrive, always be sure to ask your lodging host for information. Usually,there are publications in the hotel as well. The Telluride Visitor's Guide had alot of useful information.

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Telluride Visitor's Guide.

Telluride Visitor's Guide.

Telluride Visitor's Guide.

Telluride Visitor's Guide.

On the hike to Bridal Falls - this is an example of one of the cableway towers that the miner's used to haul ore from the mountain.

Part of the trail to Bridal Falls, which is about a 1.5 hour hike.

The first part of the trail is the Idarado Legacy Trail, with informative markers that explain the areas history.

The Idarado Trail - very well groomed and maintained.

The views from the Idarado Trail are beautiful, reminded me of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in central Switzerland.

Alot of work has been put into this trail - and it shows.

A look through the rain into the distant Bridal Falls.

A trail marker explaining the Bridal Veil powerplant and falls.

The drizzle turned into brief periods of rain. While I was wearing wickable clothes, the raincoat trapped the moisture - which results in a very cold and wet hike.

The trail ends and you take a road for the final portion to the bottom of the ascent.

One of the mining lagoon holding ponds.

A look up to the falls.

To get up to the falls, there is a very steep grade rough unpaved road.

Some four-wheeled vehicles can make it up the road - even some enthusiastic mountain bikers.

It's about a 30 minute hike to the bottom of the falls - another 30 minutes to the top.

We made it as far as the bottom of the falls in the 50-55 F weather and rain. I was really cold by then, since my non-breathable raincoat wasn't very comfortable.

We had to get up at 3am to get the Telluride Express to Montrose to connect with our 6am flight. All other flights were booked.

A day pass at the United lounge is $50 per person - but well worth the room and snacks.

Map of Telluride.

Here is an example of a tag of raingear - the proper breathable raingear.

End of Sunday - Telluride

After a cold hike to the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls just outside of the town of Telluride, we got a pizza at Baked In Telluride. We also got a carry-out dinner there - the food is great and very convenient. It was a very early evening since we had to get up at 3am to catch the Telluride Express to Montrose for our 6am flight.

Monday - Labor Day - Flights - Montrose - Denver - Madison

I highly recommend flying directly into Telluride. Since it was Labor Day weekend (and the film festival) we had little choice but to fly into Montrose and take the shuttle. The flight to Denver was on time and very smooth. At Denver, we waited the two hour layover in the United lounge. The flight to Madison was on schedule and smooth.

Trip Recommendations

For a little more money, you can spend the weekend in Mountain Village at the many new and posh resorts there. The lodging in Telluride is well used, but I would book a resort in Mountain Village next time. For great food, I highly recommend Allreds, Baked in Telluride, and trying one of the many nice restaurants within Telluride. Do not book through Expedia - but rather book with the airlines directly and with the resort/hotel/condo directly. That way if you have to change plans you can work with the vendor directly. Most important - always check the fine print and restrictions when you book, and do not accept paper tickets.

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