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2009 Date: 1/16/2009

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Papeete, Tahiti to Tahaa

We had arrived in the early morning, and were departing after a nice breakfast at the Intercontinental to the airport. We were picked up by a van operated by Tahiti Nui Travel (whom I highly recommend for all inter-island travel connections). Once at the airport, we checked our luggage for the flight to Raiatea. The flight stops over at Bora Bora, so is a bit longer.

Intercontinental - Tahiti

Infinity Pool

Typically when you get an afternoon or evening flight into Tahiti, you go to a local resort, then fly out the next morning to the outer islands. Two reasons for this. While yes, there are evening flights, why spend alot of money for less than a partial day at a more expensive resort ? In addition, the islands are beautiful from the air, and at night you can't see that. Lastly, it will take some adjustment from the long overseas flight.

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Movie- 2005 Beachcomber Lagoon

The breakfast buffet at the Intercontinental. Includes made-to-order omlets, pancakes and eggs.

The infinity pool and natural lagoon.

The seawater lagoon with rays and fish.

Side view of the infinity pool.

The Intercontinental is huge - with many outbuildings and two pools.

The is the other infinity pool with a sand bottom. My favorite at the resort.

The shallow part of the infinity pool.

Boarding ticket for the flight to Raiatea. Be sure to keep your checked luggage tags.

Le Tahaa Resort and Spa rates.

Le Tahaa Resort and Spa rates.

Boarding the commuter jetprop. No assigned seating.

Enroute over the islands and reefs.

Enroute to Raiatea and Le Tahaa

Le Tahaa

To ge to Le Tahaa Resort and Spa, you have to fly into Raiatea(Uturoa the main city), then take the resort launch for a 30 minute ride next to Tahaa (vanilla island) then on to the motu (sand island) of Le Tahaa.

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Movie- 2005 Beachcomber Pool

Arriving at Uturoa on the island of Raiatea.

Main terminal at Raiatea.

Offloading the ATR propjet.

The resort launch.

Pepe at Le Tahaa resort.

The dock for the resort.

A view of the over-the-water huts.

Deck of the hut.

Le Tahaa

Over-the-water Hut

They have both beach bungalows and over-the-water huts. I prefer the huts over the water because there are no mosquitoes out there.

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Movie- 2005 Day 3 Le Tahaa Over-the-Water Hut Inside

Deck area with swim platform.

Le Tahaa Resort and Spa

Bed and glass coffee table, where you can see and feed the fish at night.

Movie- 2005 Day 4 Le Tahaa Hut Pan

Living room area.

Movie- Le Tahaa Bungalow Bedroom

View through the hut.

His and her sinks. The faucet handles operate in reverse.

Hut tub.

Movie- 2005 Day 3 Le Tahaa Over-the-Water Hut Inside

View across hut. The air conditioning only worked well for the living portion, not the bathroom.

Pool area.

Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Pool View

Pool area.

Movie- 2005 Day 2 Le Tahaa Pool

Le Tahaa pool and swim-up bar.

Movie- 2005 Day 4 Le Tahaa Beach View

Infinity pool view with beach to the right.

Movie- 2005 Day 4 Le Tahaa Underwater Camera Pool

Palm trees over the lagoon.

Movie- 2005 Day 4 Le Tahaa Underwater Camera Pool Surface

Le Tahaa Resort and Spa

Pool View

The infinity pool overlooks the serene lagoon with crystal clear water.

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Movie- 2005 Day 4 Le Tahaa Underwater Camera Submerging

Hammock between the palm trees.

Rainbow over Tahaa, the vanilla spice island.

Over the water hut.

Appetizer for dinner at Ohiri.

Dining at Le Tahaa


There are three restaurants at Le Tahaa (aside from in-hut dining of course). There is La Plage (next to the pool for breakfast and lunch) and Vanille (which was closed for renovation) and Ohiri, which is the smaller and more elegant dining option. Vanille is by far my favorite with the local fare (ate there in 2005). Ohiri has excellent food. The chef does an amazing job there.

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End of Day

After another day of travel and a very good dinner at Ohiri, we returned to the over-the-water hut to feed the fish (they seem to like the Pringles) via the glass coffee table. Le Tahaa is a very laid-back resort and is for couples. It's relaxed atmosphere will get you into the island culture and allow you to take a deep breath of the wonderful tropical aire.

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