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SeaDream Yachtclub SeaDream II

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2009 Date: 4/9/2009

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St. Barts

Once again we anchored off St. Barts with the SeaDream I also in the harbor. St. Barts is a decidedly French island with lots of shopping and great beaches.

Yachters Paradise


Superyachts make St. Barts a Caribbean destination.

(click to enlarge)

Tender dockside.

The small runway in St. Barts has a approach right over the beach.

Taxing after landing.

The beautiful sugary beach in St. Barts.

Eden Rock


The beach is overlooked by Eden Rock, a nice worldclass resort and restaurant.

(click to enlarge)

Long white beach on St. Barts.

Beachfront resorts.

Eden Rock resort.


Seadream I at anchor.

Beautiful sunset from the ship rail upper deck.

Caribbean sunsets are so beautiful.

The top deck bathing in the last rays of the Sun.

SeaDream I.


Instead of eating on the ship, I booked us reservations at Eden Rock.

Our group included a Norwegian family also on the ship.

Pepe and the group.

The restaurant is build into and on a rock.

Stairs to the bathroom.

The bathroom is located with in a small cavern.

Our multi-course meal was prepared in a glass viewable kitchen.

The food was amazing.

The best of French and Caribbean fare.

Even the fruit plate was colorful.


The finish plate was a work of art.

The kitchen.

Bar area.

Looking out into the dining area.

Lounge area.

The group with a after dinner drink.

The Eden Rock Resort reception area.

Evening Destinations at St. Barts


Trying to get a taxi is very difficult. They only are around if you call them. I had to go to a local bar, pay the bartender 2 Euro to have him call a taxi. The taxi fare was about 30 Euro to Eden Rock for our group (one-way).

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St. Barts - End of Day

St. Barts was one of the best beach days and evening dinners. We elected to eat dinner with fellow passengers at Eden Rock. The company, food and evening was wonderful. On our way back to the ship we joined a spontaneous party between the two crews of the SeaDream I and II. The crew was so wonderful to us. I always leave a donation to the crew fund as a tip for fantastic service. The crew fund is then used for morale (parties, better living, etc.).

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