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SeaDream Yachtclub SeaDream II

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2009 Date: 4/12/2009

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Disembarkation Day

Leaving the ship is always a sad day. After a week of fun and meeting new friends, you have to return to the real world. If you pack large bags, you need to put them outside the cabin the night before. With only a carry-on, you don't have to worry about packing and setting out luggage.

Arriving Puerto Rico

San Juan

The SeaDream arrives just after sunrise into port.

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Private jet at the airport.

Early breakfast going into port.

Breakfast outside.

One of the tugs to help us in.


Arriving next to the superyacht. One of the largest in the world.

More superyacht.


The bridgedeck on the superyacht.

Flying back business class from San Juan.

One of the old DC-3's still in use.




The flight home was smooth over a sunny Caribbean.

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Airline Food


The airline service was quite good.

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In Flight

Our flights were a bit delayed, causing us to almost miss our connection in Atlanta. The luggage Renee checked, never made the transfer from our late flight. As a result, we landed in Madison, and Renee didn't have her cellphone or keys. Lesson learned. Always keep critical items with you.

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End of Trip

The SeaDream experience is unequaled. If you want a fantastic all-inclusive cruise with service that will make you wonder how they do it, pick a SeaDream voyage.

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