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Radisson Diamond

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2002 Date: 2/3/2002

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Ship Data

This section contains ship data which is provided from the brochure obtained during a bridge tour on the ssc Radisson Diamond, "The first twin hull designed luxury cruiser in the world."

General Info
Building and Owner
Other Info
Length: 430 ft.
Beam: 106 ft.
Height: Keel to Mast- 148 ft.
Height: Sea Level to Bridge- 62 ft.
Maximum Draft: 27.5 ft.
1992 - Finnyards - Rauma, Finland
Flag - Registry: Bahamas/Nassau
Owner: Diamond Cruise Ltd.
175 Staterooms
Passengers: 350
Crew: 225
Max Cruising Speed: 14 knots
Displacement: 12,880 tons
Anchors: 2 x 5 tons each
Chain: 2 x 900 ft.
Gross Tonnage: 20,295

Navigational Equipment

The majority of the electronic equipment on the bridge was designed by Krupp Atlas Elektronick in Germany. While the bridge is not entirely flat screen monitors, like most new-builds, the bridge is very functional and fairly modern.

Navigational Equipment
Gyro Compass: Sperry MK-37
Magnetic Compass: Krohn
Radars: Atlas 8600 Arpa
Atlas 7600 AC/TM
Autopilot: Arcap 20
Integrated Nav Planning System
Speed Log: Atlas Dolog, doppler log
Depth Indicator: Atlas Filia 520, echo sounder
Voyage Computer: Atlas NCIS-1800
Sextant: Freiberger
Navigation Charts: British Admiralty - Updated Weekly
Nav System: GPS- Northstar and DGPS Navigator MX400 Leica
RDF: Ramantenn G-82
Weather Fax: Furuno
Emergency Beacons: EPIRB Cospas Sarsat
SART STC - Radar Transponder
Electronic Chart: STN Chart Pilot Atlas


One officer and one sailor on the bridge at all times. An Engineer and Motorman in each of the two hulls. Officer and crew to run the ship is 45 people.

External Communications
1- InmarSAT B Terminal
8- satellite communications terminals: Magnavox (from ComSat)
HF/MF Radio Telephone: Sailor GMDSS
VHF Radio Telephone: Sailor GMDSS
DSC Controller (GMDSS): Sailor GMDSS

SWATH Stability

Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull design craft has a narrow hull area in contact with the seas and swells. There are in addition to the SWATH design, four stabilizing fins for compensating on both roll and pitch. The Brown Brothers hydraulically powered stabilizers are mounted between the hulls and are not retractable. They are 161 ft.sq. (15 sq. meters) each. Operating mode is selected on the bridge.

Fire Alarm System: Servoteknikk sensors at any location on ship
Sprinkler System: Pressurized by sea water pump
Lifeboats: 4 - Harding Safety, total seating 490 and contain survival gear
Inflatable Liferafts: 12- Viking, total capacity 300
Lifejackets: 934, 81 for children

Engine and Auxiliary Machinery
Main Engines: total 15,422 HP
Auxiliary Engines for Electricity Production
Auxiliary Steam Boilers:2- Unex, capacity 2,500 kg/hr
Desalination: 1- Osmotech- reverse osmosis plant and 1- Serck- conventional evaporator
AC: 3- Sabroe Marine miniscrew compressors for R22 refrigerant
Anit Corrosion: Wilson Walton impressed current system
2- Fathers: 4,406 HP 8 cyl. 4 stroke diesel
2- Sons: 3,305 HP 6 cyl. 4 stroke diesel
Reduction Gears: 2- Renk-Tacke connect to propeller shaft
Wartsila Vasa: 1- 1,577 hp 1,160 kw 8 cyl 4 stroke
Wartsila Vasa: 1- 2,366 hp 1,740 kw 12 cyl 4 stroke
Computer Software: ABB Stromberg Selma engine control AMOS (for windows) maintenance managment

Fuel Tank
Ballast Water Tank
Fresh Water Tank
Heavy Fuel Oil: 182,300 gal
Fuel Consumption (full speed 14 kt): 14,530 gal per day
Fuel Consumption (normal operation): 7,930 gal per day
Range (14 kt): 4,000 nautical miles or 12.5 days without refueling
560,000 gal
Fresh Water: 105,680 gal
Fresh Water Production: 97,750 gal per day
Fresh Water Consumption (350 guests): 63,410 gal per day

Bow Thrusters
2- KaMeWa controllable pitch propellers
4 blades each
Diameter: 12 ft.
163 RPM
Installed with nozzles - no rudder plate
2- Brunvoll electric motors
1,360 HP or 1,000 KW each
Diameter: 6 ft.

Non Pollution Policy

Incinerator for garbage and waste oil: 1 Norsk Hydro. Biological sewage treatment plant: 1 BiocompKSA - S100 capacity 75 cubic meters per hour. International rules and regulations govern shipboard waste to protect the oceans and marine environment from pollution.

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