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Radisson Diamond

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2002 Date: 2/3/2002

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Email: greg@cruisingreview.com

TEL: 608-238-6001

Telephone Instructions:
Radisson Diamond
note: the ship receives email via satellite and will charge recipient
From the U.S.
011 plus
871 -Atlantic East
872 - Pacific
873 - Indian
874 - Atlantic West
TEL: 130-7631
FAX: 130-7645
Dictate message to operator

Internet Access

You may send emails from the ship for approximately $3-5.00 per email. They charge based on a per kilobyte (kb) sent. Be aware, the emails do NOT get sent real time. They are sent in bunches, usually every 5-7 hours. There was one gentlemen onboard who could not understand why his stock trade was not immediately accounted for. There are four Windows based workstations and a printer in the room adjacent to the library and video library where you may send emails, or do generic computer work (write and print a letter, etc.). The workstations cannot be used to access the Internet directly, like on some larger ships which have a "Digital Seas" Internet access.

Feb 3-10 Panama Canal Cruise
Ship Staff
Hotel Staff
Captain: Dag H. Saevik
Staff Captain: Neil Broomhall
Chief Engineer: Jon Berthelsen
Chief Purser: Heike Weiss
Hotel Director: Harald Bernberger
Cruise Director: Ray Avon
Assistant Cruise Director: Terry Kushner

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@cruisingreview.com