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2002 Date: 3/4/2002

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1. Make a Packing and "To-Do" List

Requirements for Carry On Luggage

This is a more generic packing guide. For a more streamlined "ultimate" travel gear packing guide, please refer to the link above. I prefer to travel light, and take only one carry on. This generally works well for tropical climates and one or two week vacations. Make a list of what you are going to bring along, and save in on a computer, so you can reference it for future use. After the trip, add or delete items which were deemed appropriate. Make another list of things to do a week before, days before, the day of and after the trip. Save this list and refer to it for future trips.

Make a list which you can use for other trips when needed
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2. Luggage

Roll Aboard Luggage

Think about traveling lightly. Take one Rollaboard carry on piece of luggage, and that's it ! It will save you a great deal of time waiting for luggage. An added bonus is that you don't have to worry about lost luggage, since you have it with you. Packing only one piece of luggage also forces you to bring only what you need, not lug around items you simply do not need. Make sure your luggage is well marked with your name and address, inside and out. I carry a little combo lock for myRollaboard, to lock up documents while at my destination.

Use roll aboard luggage to eliminate lost luggage
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3. Packing Luggage


Pack items tightly and roll them to prevent wrinkling. I pack my dress shoes in the lower part of theRollaboard, and have room in my dress shoes for another pair of semi-formal shoes. Or, you may stuff your shoes with things like socks or other items. Put any liquids or lotions in Ziplock bags to prevent spills, or pressure changes which may cause items to leak. I can pack an entire weeks worth of clothing into oneRollaboard, that includes a tuxedo !

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4. Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Roll Aboard Packing

Pack to coordinate, and wear items more than once. Stick to a color scheme that can work all week long. A tuxedo can be worn twice on most cruises. For other more casual nights for men, take one pair of nice slacks (I prefer tan slacks) with a dark suit jacket, then rotate shirts underneath for various evenings. You appear to have different outfits every night, but you're just wearing different shirts. Select wrinkle resistant fabrics. This is especially valid for pants, shirts and of course suit jackets. I have a 100% wool (micro fiber is also good) charcoal heather blazer from Lands' End which is great for traveling.

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5. Footwear

Shoes can be the heaviest items when packing. I take a pair of Rockport moc boat shoes for walking and day wear, then a pair of Rockport black formal shoes for formal nights, and finally a pair of grey shoes for casual nights. The grey shoes are very lightweight, and actually can fit inside of the black formal shoes. Saves space to combine two pairs into one.

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6. Toiletries

Travel Kit

Take miniature bottles of toiletries you may need. Pack everything into a Eagle Creek Wallaby or a TravelPro Travel Kit, which is a toiletry kit that can hang up, and is large enough for all your items. This is great for packing and unpacking-- you simply hang it up in the bathroom at the point-of-use. Don't top-off liquids, and wrap any liquids with a Zip-loc back to prevent spills from changes in pressure when flying.

Don't pack more than what you need for a week of travel
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8. Digital Camera

Olympus Digital Camera

If you take photographs, a huge amount of time, space and money can be saved using a digital camera. I have an Olympus D-460 which is very portable, even fits into a pocket. I upgraded to a 128 MB card which gives me over 1,100 photos. In addition, I pack a few extra sets of rechargeable batteries. Since it's digital, there's no film. No film means less space used, no developing costs, and digital photos can be uploaded to your computer and web site so all your friends can view your trip photos, instead of waiting for prints. Save on battery life by not using the video monitor to view photos, and when selecting flash, do not select redeye reduction which flashes twice for each photo. On my Panama Canal trip I went through over 766 photos, and used three sets of batteries, even though I could have gotten by with one or two sets. Use Nickel Metal Hydride batteries for longevity (for rechargeables).

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