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2002 Date: 1/1/2002

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Roll Aboard Carry On


Your most important piece of luggage is the Rollaboard carry-on. I never travel with luggage, and leave the excess at home. You'll find traveling through customs a breeze, and moving through airports effortless with any luggage. I'm always first through any customs and since there is not luggage, less time is spent if they do inspect.

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Day Pack

Fanny Pack

The next important item is a day pack. Commonly referred to as the "fanny pack" it is great for holding passports and wallets when going through the airport, and holding a camera and other accessories when going out on tours.

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Eagle Creek

I prefer to use the wallets and accessories from Eagle Creek, because they are made for travelers. This wallet has a zipper bill section and is incredibly durable.

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Cellular Phone

Prepaid Cellular

A cellular phone is now a regular travel item for me. Normally it's not much good outside of the states unless you have a GSM compatible phone, but it's great for the day leaving and returning for coordinating rides, checking messages, etc. Hotel phones have high rates, and are not as convenient as a cellular. The newer cellular phones from Nextel have a built-in GPS feature which tells you where you are anywhere in the world. I normally bring a prepaid cellular. They're cheap, and if you lose it, it's not the end of the world.

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Cellular Phone Belt Clip

Belt Clip

I like the larger cell phones that clip-on to a belt or pocket. Flip-phones and compact, but get lost easy, and I believe are less durable especially if you're doing alot of activities. I take my cell with me when I'm biking, it's a great safety item.

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Prepaid Phone Card

ATT Card

For those wanting a option to carrying a cellular phone, the prepaid phone card is a good way to avoid high tolls charged by the hotels.

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