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Day on Ship | MSC - Bellissima | Saturday | Dubai | UAE #msc #mscbellissima #dubai #uae #mydubai #abudhabi #dubailife #dxb #sharjah #emirates #dubaimall #dubaifashion #burjkhalifa #dubaimarina "https://cruisingreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/img_4766-1.jpg" width="3024" height="4032" /> Day two of the cruise, we were still in the Port of Dubai. Started the day with a workout at the ship gym (they make you sign a paper release form if you want to use the onboard workout center). Then they give you a sticker for your card. Not sure why you need a sticker on your card, if it’s in the computer system. But that’s part of the dysfunctional system. Room Key Card: after my workout I went back to the room and the key card didn’t work. So then had to go down wait in line at the front desk to get a new key card, which of course they had to pair with the bracelet (that already doesn’t work). The bracelet is nice for opening the room door, but that didn’t work either. Keep in mind on the key card they have all the stickers from the places that you can access, like the thermal spa workout center and other places. So when they replace my key card all those stickers got thrown away. So now I have to spend time to get all the stickers back on. Such a wasteful system. First you inconvenience the passenger by having something that does not work, and then you take their time, to try to resolve the issue which was endemic with the system. Of course time is your most valuable asset. Flowers: tried to order some flowers for my friends cabins (online said to contact Guest Services), and course they said that service was not available. I asked at the front desk reception, and they said to try Room Service (nothing there either). Missed opportunity for extra ship revenue. After that was taken care of, finally got time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Specialty Restaurant: For the evening dinner, we ate at the Butchers Cut (which is the specialty steakhouse on the ship). Was not crowded at all, and had wonderful food. The only place I could find a chocolate chip cookie! Evening was quite wonderful. Upgrades: we were on the waitlist for upgrades, and there were none. Probably not too surprising since the cruise is sold out. This is right before Christmas so we weren’t expecting any upgrade opportunities. Once you’re on ship, the upgrade opportunity is €90 per day per person (lowest category upgrade to next category). Pro Tips: The cruise line offers specialty meal packages where they will group specialty restaurants together to save you almost 50%. These are a good value. Your pre-paid drink card does not work in specialty restaurants. Not even for soda. This is a rip off. You’ve already paid for unlimited drinks, for whichever package you receive, but they don’t work in the specialty restaurant, oddly enough, which is located on the same ship. This is one ship where you feel like you were constantly being nickel-and-dimed. It’s an expression we have in the USA, when someone charges you for every single thing they can think of. in more fancy terms, it’s called à la cart. [ Travel Story App / zero point ai / IR / intelligent reasoning algorithm caption for Travel Bloggers using curios80 engine by intelligentreasoning.com / Local Post Date: 12/15/2019 / Local Time: 10:50:58 AM / ] [wpvideo mJzu0WXH ]

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@cruisingreview.com