MSC Bellissima - Abu Dhabi - more ship problems

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Cruise | MSC - Bellissima | Monday | Abu Dhabi | UAE #msc #mscbellissima #abudhabi #uae Dysfunctional Ship Monday: Today we were in the port of Abu Dhabi and visited the mall and the beautiful mosque. The mosque is just gorgeous. A wonder of architecture, lighting, religion, and culture. Taxis: they don’t except credit cards, so bring some cash. Either local AED currency, Euro, or US dollars. Internet Confusion: lots of the new passengers that embarked on Saturday were having lots of issues with the Internet, the biggest one was how to actually get on the Internet. It’s surprising MSC doesn’t give clear instructions on how to even connect (our group had a similar experience). A easy fix is to just tell people in advance how to connect. Oddly enough, this is not done on either the app, or in any pre-cruise literature. One would think if you pre-purchase a Internet plan in advance, they would tell you in advance how to connect. They do not. More MSC inefficiency, which causes more workload for the crew and staff on the busiest day of the week (embarkation). Dysfunctional POS: Monday night I joined a few of my friends up at the Sky Lounge which is just gorgeous. Has a beautiful commanding view of the ship and surroundings. Because I have a drink package, I ordered my drink, and then wanted to buy drinks for friends. I wasn’t expecting for their drinks to be on my drink package. When I tried to order them drinks I was refused. We went to talk to the bar manager, and they said that it’s policy that you may not buy drinks (charge) if you have a drink package. You may only order your drinks within the drink package. This is odd, because in other areas I have purchased drinks for other people. The POS, which stands for point of sales, is useless. Even worse you have to sign receipts sometimes. In this case the bar manager gave me an exception and made me sign a separate paper charge for the drinks. This is pretty ridiculous. Not only is it a waste of time but a hassle. Makes you not want to spend money on the ship. POS, stands for point of sales. In this case it is a POS (piece of ship). Not only does it not work with the bracelet, but it’s just generally not functioning well. I suggest MSC go look at what Princess Cruises has, which works fantastic. No paper receipts, always works, and is a perfect system. Even Kids Complaining: some of my friends kids were enjoying the wonderful kids and teen program they have, and they said lots of the other kids were complaining about slow service, lines, and things that are wrong with the ship. The dysfunctional ship even filters down to the kids! Usually kids are unaware of such things, until it really effects their experience aboard ship. Pro Tips: Taxis: take cash when going ashore. Buying drinks on board for others: don’t bother, it probably won’t work if you have a drink package. [ Travel Story App / zero point ai / IR / intelligent reasoning algorithm caption for Travel Bloggers using curios80 engine by intelligentreasoning.com / Local Post Date: 12/23/2019 / Local Time: 8:41:36 AM / ]

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