Swiss Flight LX8 from Zurich to Chicago B777 12D Business

Zurich to Chicago aboard Swiss B777 Business Class 12D Flight LX008

The Swiss flight from Zurich to Chicago went smoothly with incredible Business Class food service and really good menu choices and quality.

The check-in process was awkward. I tried to pay for a upgrade from Economy to Business, but was informed that a ticket purchased using miles was ineligible. I was directed to the Swiss customer service desk where I was able to purchase an upgrade for around $1,200. During check-in, I was asked for a passport, and Covid test result (entire pdf or paper form) for either PCR or antigen. With two carry-ons, I was informed that if my small wheeled carry-on was more than 5 kg (about 10 lbs), it would have to be checked. I quickly scrambled to remove my MacBookPro and keys, then checked the bag to Chicago. That is a first.

Egress through the Zurich airport was smooth, and exit immigration was smooth.

Briefly visited the Swiss Business Class lounge (which is so much more amazing than the United lounge experience), and then proceeded to the gate.

At the gate, documents were again checked, and a entry form was also requested (see end of this post) for entry into the USA.

Boarding the flight was orderly and fast.

The seating area was comfortable, until about 2 hours into the flight when my foot recline and seat cushion inflation comfort level stopped working. Annoying, but not a disaster.

The food was the true gem of the flight, with excellent service.

Bistro Menu for the Swiss Flight

Amazing Food

The business class food aboard Swiss LX 7 to ORD was delicious. They announced a recent change in food serving format and menus, which turned out to be a very positive change.

Bistro Menu for the Swiss Flight


Meatloaf with bacon was the main entree.

Main Food and Beverage Menu for the Swiss Flight

Bistro Menu

Bistro menu for the flight.

Bistro Menu

September 2021 International Return to USA Covid Return Form

This is pretty standard across most exit airports for entry to the USA. Just carry around a signed copy for the final document check at the airport.

USA Form:

OMB Control No.: 0920-1318

Expiration Date: 07/31/2023

USA Covid Return Form prior boarding flight (pdf)


PDF Disclosure Form To Return to USA

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