The Chedi Andermatt Switzerland Suite 2203

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi in Andermatt, Switzerland is one of the newest and hottest sensations in the Swiss alps.

The food is the best in Europe. I would say that it ties or a very close second to the Burgenstock.

The rooms are the best I've ever had, for a European hotel in this class. Even better than my loved Burgenstock. Price point is similar.

The Andermatt is easily accessible from the Swiss rail system (SBB), car, and even helicopter (albeit you have to land outside the village down the valley). I chose to arrive by Air Zermatt Helicopter (about 3500 Euro) from Zermatt, which the most incredible flight I've had so far (at least 10 in the past few years). Please see photos of the helicopter flight towards the end of the page.

This amazing hotel offers the best in dining and is the destination in Andermatt. If you want better visuals, then I suggest the Burgenstock, which overlooks Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus, incredible sunsets, and Lucerne.

Chedi accepts Bitcoin, which I opted to try out at checkout. The Bitcoin was not a instant transaction, and they had to take a interim payment by credit card until it cleared (about 30 minutes later). While it is novel to use Bitcoin, it is a major hassle (not on the Chedi end, but on your wallet end for processing time and verification). I recommend just using your points Chase United Visa which is fast, streamlined, and you get points. With Bitcoin, you don't get any rewards (points or airline miles).

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Suite 2203

TEL: +1 608-238-6001 Email:

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