How to Prepare for your Flight Experience

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Zipper Cube for Readily Accessible Stuff

Fumbling around with cables, earbuds, and other flight accessories came to a head when riding in Economy and I found out the hard way that many seat front pockets have a Velcro attach on the bottom, or are open on the bottom. The result is a fast exit of all your stuff to the floor.

I then figured out that a small Maxpedition (any brand will do) zipped cube works great as a one-stop holder for all my flight necessities which include:

• Charge cables

• Earplugs (a must for long-haul flights and prevent headaches)

• Earbuds or headphones

• Lip Balm

• Aspirin

• Power port adapters

Flight Preparation

Most long-haul flights offer a unpleasant experience for your mind and body.

Normal jet altitudes provide you with a good dose of radiation, while the super-high sodium content and high saturated fat food ramp up inflammation.

Also sitting for long periods of time may cause blood clotting and backaches.

Here are some tips to help out:

• Eat fresh Blueberries before and dried Blueberries during your flight. They help to reduce inflammation.

• Use generous amounts of healthy-based skin cream for your feet, legs, and arms. Your skin is the bodies largest organ and when emolients are placed on the skin, it helps to reduce inflammation.

• Aspirin taken with food also helps to reduce inflammation.

• Try to walk immediately after a flight.

• Try to eat high fiber foods (like dates and prunes) which help reduce inflammation, and allow rapid movement of high saturated fat foods to exit your system.

• Exercise before and after your flight to keep your joints from swelling.

• Wear compression socks to help reduce leg blood clots from sitting during long periods of time.

Download YouTube Prior Flight

YouTube, Netflix, and other video based apps allow you to download full feature-based media prior to your flight, which allow you to enjoy the segments during your flight. Download at home on your higher speed internet, instead of using your LTE phone or slow WiFi at the airport.

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