How to Prepare Your Accommodation for Use

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Buy Snacks Prior Stay

Probably the most annoying trend from low end to fancy resorts is providing chargeable snacks and beverages. Prior to your stay, buy some snacks and water so you don't pay $6 for a 1/4 height can of Pringles, or $5 for a bottle of water.

Remove Inside of Duvet

The most annoying part of European hotels is the hot and heavy dreaded Duvet. Actually a blanket within a pocket of sheets, the Duvet provides a miserable nights sleep especially in that luxury hotel with air conditioning when it's 45 C in the summer. Simply remove the inside blanket prior to sleep for a dreamy night.

Waste Can Stacking

Many hotel bathrooms now have those annoying step-on, flip-top waste cans. It makes throwing away something, into a time-wasting experience (especially when you want to get out and enjoy the new adventure). Not to mention when the top slams down with a nice clangy sound.

Simply remove the inside can and place on top of the flip-top canister for one step throwing away of objects.


Part of the cost-savings measures that hotels and resorts (and some cruise lines) to make your experience much worse, is to remove all washcloths, and provide you with one or two bath towels.

One your way past the cleaning/room servicing cart, simply grab what's needed.

If not available, call down to the front desk to request what should be provided with your expensive room.

Configure Charging

While older hotels one have floor electrical jacks, more modern accommodations have desk or bedside electrical outlets.

One of the first things you should do when arriving in your room is to set up a charging port for your iPhone or computer.

Wrinkled Clothing on Hangers

Hang up your wrinkled shirts and pants as soon as possible, so you look good for dinner.

Stand Up Desk

One of the other things I do is to take a waste can or foot rest and put it on a table or desk, to elevate my MacBook Pro for ease of use. Chances are you have been traveling by long-haul flight, or train, which means working in a stand-up configuration is more comfortable than the backache inducing sitting down to work.


Configuring your accommodations for a better experience only takes a few minutes, but really streamlines your stay and ultimately will save you time and frustration.

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