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2008 Date: 1/17/2008

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Huahine - Beach Day

With intermitant showers most of the day, the Tia Moana anchored off a beautiful secluded beach cove. Amidst the tropical foliage, were the remnants of a resort once serving tourists, now entangled under the green escarpment after the ravages of a tropical typhoon. This area is great for snorkeling, kayaking, exploring and just relaxing. There were a few mosquitoes on shore, but none on the water. I spent most of my time playing on the sea kayak. In the late afternoon, some of the crew started setting up something special on shore for later.

Anchored off of Hana Iti Beach - Huahine

Hana Iti Beach

A typical beach set up will include a table of snorkel gear, refreshments, beach towels and blankets, even a massage tent.

(click to enlarge)

Sea Kayaking


Weather permitting, usually you can kayak back to the ship if you want. I always take my camera in a waterproof (canoe) bag and take shots of the ship on the way back.

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Hana Iti Beach Dinner

Tiki Torches Light The Way

The pinnacle of the cruise is the beach dinner. During the day, the crew turns the beach into the most exclusive outdoor dinner in the world. Our departure to the dinner got delayed by a massive downpour, but the clouds parted to review the tropical Moon, and under the cloak of darkness, we arrived at the beach. The sand was lit by the faint global of tiki torches, lanterns and candles.

(click to enlarge)

Under the Tropical Moon - Dinner

Beach Dinner

After being handed some chilled cocktails, we were entertained by a local Polynesian singing group, Te Tama Ori no Matairea. Shortly after, we sat down for an incredible dinner. No menu. The crew already knows what you like. For me, it was steak and seafood.

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Tia Moana at anchor.

Tia Moana off of Hana Iti Beach.

Snorkel table set up at beach.

Palm trees which survived the typhoon, a few years back which wiped out the resort just off the beach.

Kayaking off the beach.

Sea kayak on the beach with the ship in the background.

Fresh pineapple - my preferred desert. So much so, they actually ran out and had to get more when we stopped back at Raiatea.

Sarah enjoying the beach.

Sarah and Pepe enjoying the cocktails before dinner.

The local singing group.

Sarah and Pepe with the local singing group.

Dinner place setting. Attention to detail is amazing.

Dinner is served.


Some fire dancing after dinner - to complete the evening festivities.

Newsletter from Thursday.





Yacht safety info.

Yacht safety info.

The decks.


Tia Moana.

Yacht info.

Yacht info.

Yacht info.

End of Day at Hana Iti Beach

It was a magical evening at the beach dinner. What started with a torrential downpour just as we were boarding the tender, ended with a beautiful Moon casting its beam down upon the passengers and crew on the beach. A truly magical evening. It's something you just have to experience, to believe. The crew does an amazing job - it's like an entire production, from food to entertainment. They use the local resources for an unforgettable evening. The next morning, the beach is returned completely to normal.

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