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2008 Date: 1/16/2008

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The early morning voyage from Le Tahaa and Raiatea to Hauhine (about 21 nautical miles and around 40 km) was very rough and the ship was rolling quite wildly. This is the first time I've been aboard the Tia Moana in stormy conditions and clearly, she wasn't designed for ocean passages. Once outside the protection of the islands reef, the shallow-draft ship can't keep up with large rolling waves or confused seas, even with sabilizers. It was so wild, that you could barely walk without constantly grasping something to hold onto. I highly recommend that if conditions are stormy that you take some type of seasickness prevention medication, or device.


At Dock In Fare

Tia Moana at dock in Fare.

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Tia Moana

It was raining throughout the night and through most of the day. The bike tour did go in the morning, and a few passengers went with pretty good luck staying out of the rain.

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Another fantastic dinner with incredible presentation.

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At dock. Crew was busy checking for damage from the previous night passage and doing some touch-up painting.

The town of Fare is about 3 blocks long. Very colorful street vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bananas of every variety can be found.

View of the stern of the Tia Moana.

Visiting the local store, with the interesting versions of breakfast cereals.

Typically there is one general store per island. Everything from food to garden tools can be found there.

Fresh bread is always available at the store.

In the afternoon, the yacht repositioned into a remote bay.

During intermittant showers in the afternoon, the passengers took a walk along a remote dirt road to view the local flowers and fruit plants.




Cover of printed materials in cabin.

Spa packages.

Spa packages.

Daily newsletter.

End of Day in Hauhine

The rainy day in Hauhine first started in the main town of Fare for some shopping, then the yacht repositioned to a remote bay where we went on a afternoon nature walk and saw everything from wild vanilla to mangos. It's fun to see the exotic fruits we take for granted in the store growing in the tropical wild.

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