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2008 Date: 3/24/2008

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Day at Sea

There are multiple time changes when cruising from Miami to the western Caribbean. I awoke at 8:30 a.m. to a sunny sea day, which was a refreshing break from the clouds and rain in Miami. Breakfast arrived for room-service right on time.

Ship Enroute to Cozumel

View of NCL Jewel at Sea

6:28 a.m. was sunrise and 6:41 p.m. was sunset for the day. Wind was Force 7, at 27.8 knots which is near gale force. Seas were 1.5-4 ft. and location was just off of Havana, Cuba enroute to Cozumel. 213.1 nautical miles sailed and 312.4 nm to go.

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Room Service Breakfast

Having room-service at sea in a palatial cabin is the best. You don't have all the food options that you can get at the restaurants, but the simple luxury of having breakfast while watching the sea go by on your balcony, is worth the limited food selection.

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With over 2,000 passengers, NCL has a towel system so you don't overload the laundry. You're issued a beach towel for laying out, which you can exchange at any time for a fresh towel.

Captains VIP cocktail party. If you are in the Villa's or Suites, or a repeat cruiser, you may get invited to one of many cocktail parties.

Tango Menu

Tango Menu

Owner's Suite Bottle Selection

Bottle Selection

Included with your suite room fare is three bottles of liquor.

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2008 NCL Jewel - Daily Newsletter




Beer and sushi - the perfect lunch. The add-on charge is $15 per person for all you can eat.

The sushi is wonderful, as is the presentation.

The chefs.

Pepe and his sushi.

Forward balcony.

Day at sea means that the public decks will be crowed, especially on a full ship. You're better off in the VIP area, or just enjoying the sun on your balcony.

One of the many common areas onboard the NCL Jewel.

Large monitors throughout the ship give restaurant information and other useful notices.

Dinner was early at Tango's. Outside they have a monitor for seating availability - which is such a great idea.

Almost Brazilian style, food is prepared on a skewer.

The selections were delicious.

Pepe and the concierge at the Captains VIP party.

VIP Captain's cocktail party.

The main salon (living room) at turndown.

The turndown service at night.

Entrance to the Stardust Theatre. Notice the hand sanitizer in front. They are located at every public room and use is highly encourage.

End of Day - Sea Day

The days at sea are very relaxing. If you need to stay active, there is plenty to do from bingo to walking around the deck, to one of many casino tournaments. The highlight of the day was the sushi lunch. In the evening, there was a 70's disco, which was poorly attended and overall disappointing. This was a spring break cruise, with alot of families, which may explain the lack of attendance. At 12:32 a.m. there was a 32 knot wind which is gale force. Rough seas at 12 ft (although I could barely feel it). Temperature was 74 deg F and water temp was 82 F. 437 nm since Miami. L 21 28.60 N and Long 85 50.45 W

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