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2008 Date: 3/25/2008

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At 6:00 a.m. the ship was entering port, and by 7:00 a.m. we were finally tied up on the dock. It was a sunny day in beautiful Cozumel and one is struck by the beautiful colors of the water.

NCL Jewel at Dock in Cozumel

NCL Jewel

There are a number of large cruise ship piers in Cozumel, we were docked next to the Carnival Victory. The iPhone worked perfectly here, on the MEX TELCEL GSM network.

(click to enlarge)

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Laundry prices.

A view of the main pool area and Jacuzzi's.

While it looks large, when 2,000 passengers try to find spots to tan, it becomes very crowded.

The mirrored and top balcony is part of the expensive suites.

NCL Jewel dockside.

The bow of the NCL Jewel.

The full ship profile.

The bridgedeck (note that the some of the Owner's Suites are located just under the bridge.

The gang posing for a photo up under a shark.

It seems there is a Carlos 'n Charlies in every tourist destination.

The NCL Jewel at dock.

Pepe and Senor Frog.

Cozumel is a popular cruiser destination.

One of the many interesting sculptures that grace the waterfront in Cozumel.

Downtown lighthouse.

A view down the coast of Cozumel. It's this side of the coast were the ports and docks are.

NCL Jewel bow.

The bow of the Carnival ship on the other side of the pier.

One of the massive ballards that was ripped out when the Carnival ship came in too fast.

The flat screen monitor above the bath.

Sunset at sea.

Sunset enroute to Grand Cayman.

The Concierge Room which is available to the Villa's and Suites. Deck 14 aft lounge. Must have a card to get in.

The elephant which was awaiting me after the turndown.

End of Day - Cozumel

Cozumel during March is filled with tourists. Approximately 15,000+ come off of the cruise ships when in port. There are many good restaurants to have lunch at in town and around the island. Many like to go scuba here since the water is so clear. For beachcombers, there are miles of white sand beaches and hot temperatures. The sunsets in this part of the world are always great, and not to be missed.

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