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2009 Date: 1/22/2009

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Departing Bora Bora

Thursday was our departure day from Bora Bora and French Polynesia. We started with a nice breakfast (room service) on our deck overlooking the peaks of Bora Bora.

Last Day at Bora Bora

Four Season's Dock

It was another perfectly sunny day in Bora Bora for our departure. The morning was spent packing and spending time at the pool.

(click to enlarge)

Hut infinity pool with Bora Bora in the background.

Morning view of hut infinity pool.

One of the huts at the end of the pier.

Last shot of our favorite infinity pool.

Breakfast at our hut.

Pool to lagoon view.

Resort pool to Bora Bora view.

Four Season's huts.

Beach lounge chairs.

Resort lobby with coral sculpture.

One of the resort tenders.

Resort tender.

Departure from Four Season's

After we packed our carry-on luggage, we called for a golf-cart ride to the lobby/reception area to checkout. While we were there, I had Cassie log into the American Airlines website so we could print-out our boarding passes (great idea - thanks William) since we had less than an hour to connect once we landed in LAX the next morning at 8:15 a.m. (the AA flight left at 9:30 a.m.). The checkout was very quick and soon we were in the resort launch to be ferried to the airport, which is on a motu about 15 minutes away.

Bora Bora Airport


Our tender dropped us off at the Bora Bora airport dock (BOB). We quickly checked our luggage and waited for the flight.

(click to enlarge)

Air Tahiti ticket from BOB to PPT.

View from the Intercontinental resort across to Moorea.

Bathroom at our dayroom.

The sun slowly set on our last day in Tahiti.

Day Room at the Intercontinental

Intercontinental Infinity Pool

Instead of waiting 7 hours at the airport, the traditional departure plan is to get a dayroom. Since the Intercontinental is close by, and has fantastic pools, we stayed there. On our flight back, our checked bags did not make it through to the normal baggage claim, since I had the tags, they quickly found them, somehow separated from the rest.

(click to enlarge)

Dayroom bed.

This is the second, and smaller infinity pool (with sand bottom) at the resort.

Infinity pool.

The infinity pool overlooks Moorea in the distance.

Tahitian Sunset


Our last day was ended with a beautiful sunset over the South Pacific and Moorea.

(click to enlarge)


The Intercontinental infinity pool lit at night.

Business and First Class passengers get the use of the executive lounge at the airport.

The lounge has snacks and plenty of refreshments.

Air Tahiti Nui

Executive Lounge

Since we were booked in Business Class (you can upgrade from economy/coach for $700 each), we got to enjoy the perks of the executive lounge. Unlike the main terminal, it's air conditioned and has plenty of snacks, beer and liqour.

(click to enlarge)

The lounge fridge is well stocked with water, juices, soda, beer and other refreshments.

Business Class on Air Tahiti Nui.

Pepe and Cassie.

Business Class ticket.

End of Day

Our trip to Tahiti, Le Tahaa and Bora Bora was a short 7 days, but well worth it. Since the Tia Moana Superyacht was in drydock, I decided on a resort stay instead. The Four Season's was the highlight of the trip. It ranks number one as far as the most exotic, comfortable and fun resort that I have ever stayed at. The evening flight on Air Tahiti begins with a late night snack, then they turn the lights off. About 2 hours before you land, they serve breakfast. The flight is just over 8 hours. For evening flights, I only drink water and take a few aspirin to fall asleep. I always wear earplugs to quiet the low hum of the jet engines and other passengers.

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