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2009 Date: 1/23/2009

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Friday - Travel Day

View from 30,000 feet

We landed at LAX around 8:00 and arrived at the gate 15 minutes later. After a long walk to immigration, we breezed through customs since we did not check our luggage. Had we, the wait would have been another 15-20 minutes since a few other flights had just landed. With our pre-printed boarding passes, we rushed to the American Airlines terminal and almost immediately boarded our jet for Chicago, then back to Madison. Just taking carry-on luggage was great.

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End of Trip

We had left Madison a week before and it was -15 F. We departed Tahiti and it was 90 F. Upon return, it was around 25 F. A wild swing in temperatures from Wisconsin to Bora Bora. In all, aside from a bit of drama, it was a good trip. Getting away from the snowy cold makes winter in Wisconsin so much more tolerable. Bora Bora remains (to me at least) the most beautiful place on Earth. From the sugary sand beaches, to the azure waters which surround the reefs, French Polynesia is a destination onto itself. If you want to experience the beauty that nature has to offer, from a sunset to a moonrise, from a coconut to a pineapple, from a turtle to a shark, the South Pacific offers all the contrasts which really make you look around and admire the definition of beautiful and amazing.

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