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2009 Date: 4/7/2009

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St. Martin

St. Martin is a island with Dutch and French nationalities. We anchored on the French side of the island.

Tender Ashore


Most of the island require taking the ships tender ashore. The tender rides usually are around 10-15 minutes and tenders are constantly going to and from the ship. Once in port, we took a taxi to the busier Dutch side of the island.

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Island information.

Dutch side.

The beachfront is developed.


Beautiful Caribbean waters.

Renee standing on mosiac map.

Pepe next to pirate.

More beach.

Sunset off of St. Martin.

Renee with some of the passengers.


Pepe and Renee with some of the passengers.

Dinner Aboard Ship


SeaDream always has fantastic multi-course dinners. I usually request the beef even if it's not on the menu.

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Caviar station.

Premium grade caviar.

Our dinner group for the evening.

One of the bartenders with a passenger.

After Dinner Libations

After Dinner

Usually after dinner most of the passengers would retire to the piano bar for some music or karaoke. Most would usually end up on the top deck where you could enjoy the beautiful Caribbean weather.

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St. Martin - End of Day

St. Martin is know for it's shopping on the Dutch side. The beautiful water is also good for watersports, including a America's Cup Match Racing, submarine and other aquatic sports.

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