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2009 Date: 9/8/2009

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Denver International


Since we missed our flight the night before, we were on standby for this mornings flight. The security lines moved quickly this morning.

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United Express

We barely made it on the standby list, but we were finally onboard a jet back to Madison.

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View from Flight

I used my iPhone to take this photo of the wing and the clouds below. The iPhone has to be my most useful travel tool. It is just amazing.

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Managing Luggage

Carry On

I never check luggage, especially if I need to catch a flight. In this case, most carry-on luggage can be checked plane-side.

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End of Trip

The weekend in Aspen was wonderful. It's a beautiful mountain resort village. While it is expensive, the restaurant selection and shopping are excellent. I would recommend a stay at The Gant, Hyatt or St. Regis. The nice option that The Gant has, is the kitchen. Benefits of staying at a hotel resort are room service and breakfast options. While driving back over the Continental Divide was nice, I recommend flying in directly to Aspen. You really don't need a car when you're there. Most of the resorts have courtesy vans. They also have in-town transportation of bikes, and scooters.

CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@cruisingreview.com