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2002 Date: 3/20/2002

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Since there is a cruise ship pier at Phillipsburg, there are quite few passengers milling about the city, and traffic can be heavy at times long the narrow streets. Phillipsburg is know for its Tanzanite stores, and it seems like there are hundreds of them. My favorite stop in Phillipsburg is the Guavaberry Emporium, where you can see all the wonderful things (including salsa, liquor, and perfume) you can make from the Guavaberry.

Shopping in St. Maarten

If you see something you like, go to a few other stores and see if they have it cheaper. Always bargain with the shopkeepers. If you wear a sticker identifying you from a certain cruise ship, you'll probably be charged more since they work out deals with the stores and send passengers to those stores for a commission. You'll soon see that usually there are no prices listed on the jewelry, so you have no idea what "70% OFF" really means. Usually, you will find something you like, and the store keeper will pop some numbers into a calculator, and when he things he has found a number which he is happy with, he will show you the calculator and the price. When I was shopping last year with my friend, the storekeepers offered my free beer while my friend, Nicole shopped. It worked out for an afternoon of free drinks for me, but about a $500 afternoon for Nicole !

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