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Bora Bora Cruises Tia Moana - Superyacht

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2008 Date: 1/15/2008

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Le Tahaa

Our first full day after embarkation was a short sail (motor) over to Le Tahaa from Bora Bora. Le Tahaa is know for the vanilla spice plantations and is next to Raiatea. The yacht anchors off of Le Tahaa resort which is well worth a visit. It was rainy all day long, but they still did a snorkeling tour and the in-water bar.

Le Tahaa

Le Taha'a

Le Taha'a (Tahaa) Resort and Spa is a wonderful small resort located on a motu just off of the main island of Le Tahaa. I stayed at this resort during my 2005 trip to Polynesia and my first experience on the Tia Moana. The resort is one of the best in French Polynesia. It's smaller than the St. Regis, which is its charm. The diving around the resort is amazing with many reefs to visit.

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Lunch Aboard The Superyacht


The meals aboard the Tia Moana are just amazing. While I'm not a big fan of French food, there are plenty of alternatives. The chef and staff do an incredible job of preparing, presenting and serving the food and beverage.

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There are many optional tours available on the superyacht. Most are weather permitting. During this voyage, we had multiple excursions canceled due to rain.

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Local Tattoo Artist


One of the local tattoo artists came aboard in the afternoon to give the passengers tattoos (with non-permanent markers). It was a neat way to show the artistry of the region.

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This cabin was being prepped for some photo shoots aboard the yacht.

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Tattoo artist plying his trade.

Tattoo artist.

Tattoo artist.

Finished tattoo - in marker.

Sample breakfast menu.

2008 Tia Moana Superyacht Sample Breakfast Menu (pdf)

Sample lunch menu.

2008 Tia Moana Superyacht Sample Lunch Menu (pdf)

Sample dinner menu.

2008 Tia Moana Superyacht Sample Dinner Menu (pdf)

Daily newsletter.

(pdf link) Tia Moana Daily Newsletter 2008

End of Day at Le Tahaa

While it was a rainy day overall, it gives you more time to enjoy the yacht, including the jacuzzi's, exercise room, or main lounge for relaxing.

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