Pro Tips for Travel from Strategy to Packing

The quintessential travel packing and luggage methodology is constantly evolving as you travel. Gone are the days when you had to check large suitcases, filled to the brim with large sized toiletries, lotions, and unneeded clothes and gear. Todays sophisticated traveler goes for function over form, and travels with what is needed and trims the […]

2021 Goals and Projects

February 2021: First principles. Instead of projecting current form forward (imitating current design), project function forward as the initiator. Use information from different disciplines to make current innovation. Most people are so focused on form, that they overlook the function. Elon Musk: people often, “live life by analogy.” First principles involves boiling down problems to basic elements and then coming […]

Light Box Mini Stage Studio

The mini stage light box is a miniature studio for capturing stunning images of products, art, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and objects. Moveable minature white LED spotlights highlight the subject, while color selectable strip LED lighting can provide mood background images. All controlled by handheld remote. We’re currently working on a iPhone app which allows completed […]

Conrad Bora Bora

The Conrad Bora Bora is the best luxury resort in the region. From service to sunsets, this stunning location will woo you.

POWERBALL: A database numbers portal (Analyze Numbers)

PowerBall and MegaMillions is on the news for record jackpots. Want to see all the historical numbers and look for patterns or develop your own number picking algorithm ? Here is how to start. PowerBall Analyzer (updated January 10th, 2021): Filemaker Download PowerBall Analysis 2021(643 kb) This simple app runs on Filemaker or Filemaker GO […]

Conrad Maldives Resort and Spa: A $50,000 experience ? Not quite. YouTube and Instagram Bloggers Paradise ? Absolutely.

Sunset over the water bungalow stay at the Conrad Maldives December 2019 and January 2020. This is a beautiful resort, but showing its age. I recommend staying at the Waldorf Astoria as a better valued option (it’s brand new). I am still dealing with resort issues, which impacted our experience (not the best). Our all-time favorite pick is the Conrad Bora Bora in French Polynesia.


ASTRAGALUS: skin cream anti-aging therapy (SwissMixIt)

One of my most exciting projects this year was to develop a at-home DIY cosmetics and skin cream system. This allows you to formulate your own skin care solutions by using pure organic products, instead of buying expensive chemical laden off-the-shelf products, which have been sitting on a shelf for months (or years). While I […]

Compliance Database Solution for Cruise Lines | Conditional Sail Compliance Software

Compliance Database Solution – CDS – For Cruise Lines and Operators Purpose: To provide a framework database solution to integrate and merge CDC requirements with cruise ship protocols. Conditional Sail Order: There are 19 directives and 115 sub-items for compliance. We have separated each directive and further delineate those into the 115 sub-items to organize […]

Red Light Improves Eyesight

Red light a few minutes a day can improve your eyesight. I’ve tried it, and it works. This is most beneficial for people over the age of 40. Buy links included for fast acquisition. If you’re a pilot like I am, you’re concerned with your declining eyesight. This may help. Updated August 13th confirms the device has the same 670nm spectrum shown in studies to benefit eyesight.