Goals and Projects for 2020 and 2021

2020 goals and strategy of Cruising Review and Pepe.G6
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Efficiency and Optimization of Time.
Building a Digital Nomad office based on PDF documents.
Content Creator Cockpit Device.
Intelligent Reasoning.

Compliance Database Solution for Cruise Lines | Conditional Sail Compliance Software

Compliance Database Solution – CDS – For Cruise Lines and Operators Purpose: To provide a framework database solution to integrate and merge CDC requirements with cruise ship protocols. Conditional Sail Order: There are 19 directives and 115 sub-items for compliance. We have separated each directive and further delineate those into the 115 sub-items to organize […]

Develop your own home based cosmetics, essential oils, and skin creams

SwissMixIt is a new product that allows DIY at home cosmetics and essential oil extraction. The induction touchless magnetic mixer does both extraction of organic herbs and superfoods into a rich oil which can be dispensed right from the container. You can mix and match different superfoods and herbal antioxidants into topical oils and skin […]

Red Light Therapy Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I’ve been testing the 670nm red light therapy on my own eyes, and have now extended that to my iPhone wrist and arm, along with my right knee swelling. I’m happy to report that it works for both. Originally I found out about the recent studies (June 2020) confirm that for adults over 40, a […]

Red Light Improves Eyesight

Red light a few minutes a day can improve your eyesight. I’ve tried it, and it works. This is most beneficial for people over the age of 40. Buy links included for fast acquisition. If you’re a pilot like I am, you’re concerned with your declining eyesight. This may help. Updated August 13th confirms the device has the same 670nm spectrum shown in studies to benefit eyesight.

Conrad Bora Bora

The Conrad Bora Bora is the best luxury resort in the region. From service to sunsets, this stunning location will woo you.